8 Easy Ways to Make FREE Money Fast ($9,385+)

make free money fast

I think everyone would agree with me when I say that there’s nothing better than a free meal. But you know what’s better than a free meal? Free money. In this article I’m gonna show you 8 easy ways to make free money fast.

You don’t have to go through other people’s couch cushions, or rummaging through the trash to find free money. In fact, today I’m going to share with you eight different ways that you can find free money that total potentially $9,000.

But you gotta stick around til the end because with number eight, somebody found, check it, $120,000. Are you what? What did, that? Yeah, $120,000. Do I got you hooked?

I thought so.

We’re gonna find out what these eight ways are right now.

Let’s go.


make free money fast

And this is for all you all out there that have student loans debt. And I know chances are, you probably do because it was last reported that there’s over 1.59 trillion, with a capital T, of student loan debt out there.

And one of the easiest ways that you can get some free money is to refinance that student loan debt. So you can save money on the interest and also get some free money to boot.

So how exactly do you do that? Well, cool enough, there are some awesome providers that will give you free money if you refinance with them. One of them is Credible.

You can go to Credible.com, they’ll give you $750 if you refinance with them. But there’s the best part. – But I’m not done yet. – If you go through the whole application process and you can find a better rate elsewhere, then they will pay you $200 just to match that rate.

So it’s really a win-win no matter how you shape it. But for some reason if you don’t like Credible because it rhymes like edible, I don’t know why, but anyway, there are other options that you can look at. You can choose Earnest or SoFi, which they will pay you $500 if you refinance with them.

So either way you shape it, you’re getting some free money refinancing your student loan.

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make free money fast

All right, chances are you have bought something that you absolutely regretted.

Like what were you thinking? But most likelihood, you’ve bought something and you didn’t even realize that after you bought it, it went on sale.

‘Cause if you did know that, you could have went back, got a refund and saved a lot of money. What if you could do that on autopilot?

And this is a site called Paribus. With Paribus, all you’ve got to do is sign up for their app, sync up all your different cards, your bank accounts, and if you buy something and it goes on sale a month later, two months later, three months later, you get a notification from Paribus that they’ll let you know that you can apply to wherever you bought it and get your money back.

So with all their data, Paribus has identified that with their users, that there’s over 6.5 million in potential savings if you actually use it and use it wisely. Now on average, each Paribus user saves about $35. That’s just if you’re using it passively. And once again, that’s just free money.



HSBC Bank Choice Checking Review: $200 Bonus (Online Only) make free money fast

All right, we all know the importance of savings and having cash on hand.

We’ve gotta have that emergency fund. We’ve got that cash on hand for emergencies or investing into ourselves. But just because it’s sitting in cash doesn’t mean that it needs to be earning nothing. It needs to be earning something.

But what’s even better, is when you get rewarded for that saving. For example, you can open up a new checking account with HSBC, and they’ll pay you $475 if you deposit 5,000 within 90 days. So almost $500 just for opening a new checking account. But maybe 5,000 is too much.

Well, you can go to TD Bank and if you open an account with $2500, they’ll give you $300 for free. But maybe you don’t want a checking, and you want a savings. Or maybe you want both. TD Bank will also pay you for your savings account.

TD Bank will give you another $200 if you deposit 20K within 20 days with a savings account. So yo can do a checking and a savings. I mean that’s just like doubling your money. Free money, yeah.



Survey Junkie Review: Make Money With Surveys – Birds of a FIRE make free money fast

All right, chances are right now you’re just trying to kill some time.

But while you’re killing time, why not get paid, too. One of the easy ways you can do that is with online surveys. So you can go to Survey Junkie and they’ll pay you up to $45 per survey. But maybe you just want some free money, once again, right.

You can go to InboxDollars and they’ll give you $5 for free just for signing up. You can do this while you’re Netflix and chillin’, or maybe you’re watching MrBeast videos on YouTube, but you probably don’t want to do that in the shower.


Webull Review - The Best Free Stock Trading Platform For Beginners make free money fast

All right, option number five is near and dear to my heart because I am a former financial planner and I totally believe that you got to invest for yourself and invest for your future. And that’s what number five is, we are investing.

So we know we need to invest, but why not get some free money while we’re doing it? And one of the easy ways you can do that is opening up a new account and transferring money in. Investment brokers like Ally Invest will give you up to $3500, for opening an account and transferring money in.

Up to $3500. And they’re not the only ones that will give ya money for transferring money in. Merrill Edge, E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab. All these investment brokers will give ya that free money. So another cool way that you can get free money by investing is getting free stock.

And the easiest way you can do that is once again, just opening an account. Online investment app, Webull will give you a free stock up to a $250 value just for signing up. And here’s where it gets even better. – But I’m not done yet. – After you open the account and you transfer money in, they’ll give you another free stock with a potential value up to $1400. That’s right, $1,400 free stock.

But maybe you got something against bulls and you prefer robins. Another online investment app, Robinhood, will give you a $200 stock just for signing up, and if you refer friends and family to sign up, they’ll give a free stock to you and the people that you referred. So it’s free stock for everyone. You get a free stock, you get a free stock, you get a free stock. Free stock, whoo.



Do you know what’s better than a free meal and free money?

Tax-free money.

That’s right, baby, tax-free money. And one of the easiest and simplest ways to get tax-free money is opening a Roth IRA. And I talk about this all the time. So much in fact, my kids and my wife, they’re tired of me talking about the Roth IRA.

Seriously, dad, the Roth IRA, again? – But I love it because we get tax-free money. So why not get that tax-free money, open up a Roth IRA, and get a $600 bonus to boot? TD Ameritrade will give you $600 just for opening a Roth IRA account. Free money.

But maybe $600 isn’t enough incentive to pick individual stocks or your own ETFs and you want somebody to do it for you. Well you can open an account with Betterment, and so long as you transfer in $10,000 they will not charge you a management fee for an entire year.

Now, one of the cool things with Betterment is that they don’t really charge you anything at all, they charge you .25% on the fees, so you’re only saving $25. But still, it’s $25 but it’s free.


All right, the next point will get you up to $900 and all you have to do is open up a new credit card.

I’m all about paying off your credit cards and not being in credit card debt. But if you use credit cards wisely, they can make you a lot of money. In this case, up to $900.

So you can open up a Chase Freedom card and they’ll give you $150 as long as you spend $500 in the first 90 days. That’s right, spend 500, get 150 for free. No transaction cost, they don’t have an annual fee. But maybe you know that you spend more than that.

Well, you can upgrade to the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. And with that, as long as you spend a certain amount within 90 days, they’ll give you up to $750 that you can use towards travel, airfare, airlines, hotels, all that good stuff. So maybe you use both and you get that $900 for free.


Well there are websites, MissingMoney.com or you can go to USA.gov, and you can search for unclaimed property or lost funds that you may have completely forgot about.

So for example, if you’ve got old insurance policies, or maybe you have an old retirement account at an employer that you forgot that you even worked at. All you have to do is go online, put in your information, you can see if there’s any property in your name that’s owed to you.

And just so you know, I’m not blowing smoke. I actually went to this private Facebook group that I’m in with other personal finance bloggers and content creators, and I asked them if they had any experience finding free money or free property at these sites, and the feedback I got, the response I got was amazing. I had one instance where somebody found, Casey Lewis found $3,000 before.

Don’t really know what it was or, but anyway they found it. But as I’ve mentioned. There was somebody that found $120,000, and this is such a cool story. Greg Phelps who I think is a financial advisor, also in this group, shared that he found over $120,000 for a client of his. I mean, that’s a really good financial advisor, to find 120 Gs for somebody. But it is kinda sad because they didn’t even get him a Christmas card.

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