Fastest Way To Make $5,000 As A Complete Copywriting Beginner

Make Money As a Copywriter

Are you looking to Make Money As a Copywriter? Here is the fastest way to make $5000 as a complete copywriter in 2020. You see there’s so much misinformation out there, all promising you, hey this vehicle or this method or that, that could make you $5,000 a month.

Today, I’m gonna actually teach you an actual way on how you can make $5,000 a month writing, even if you are a complete beginner; Make Money as a Copywriter.

See, most people, when I talk to them, when I talk about writing, I say also, “How you plan to make money writing?”

And they will say, “Oh I’m planning to write some articles, planning to write a book and things like that.

Most writers that I talk to, they have what I call the poverty mindset.

They don’t believe you’re supposed to make money as a writer, they believe in you’re supposed to struggle.

Most writers don’t make a whole lot of money and it is true, most writers don’t make a lot of money, right?

They believe that you have to be some famous author in order to make some big money as a writer.

That’s simply not true.

Make Money as a Copywriter

See, there are a lot of different forms of writing out there.

What I believe and the most profitable type of writing, now some call it Copywriting, some call it business writing.

I call that High Income Copywriting and that is writing for businesses, writing for companies.

Now, what makes this type of writing different?

Because companies, they are not paying you for the words you write, they are paying you because your writing would bring them customers, would bring them leads, would bring them more revenue.

Example, you can be writing for an e-commerce product, the description.

That description will help them sell more products.

Or you’re writing email for them, then those emails will help them bring in more customers or landing pages or things like that, right or sales pages. You are writing to produce a result.

example of Make Money as a Copywriter

Let’s say you are charging $100 per article, okay? $100 per article and let’s say you want to make $5,000 a month. Well, what does that mean?

It means that you have to write how many, right?

50 articles.

50 articles to make $5,000 a month and that’s quite a bit of articles.

Now, you could work with 50 different clients, right?

50 different clients or you could work with 10 clients and write five articles for each client, that’s perfectly fine. But that’s still a lot of writing, right?

And if they’re different industries, that’s a whole lot of work versus, I’ll give you an example, just a few months ago, I paid my copywriter $5,000 to create a landing page.

Right, that’s like a seven, eight page, landing page for one of my products.

So let me ask you this, comment below, how many clients this copywriter work with to make $5,000?

Just one, just me, just one client, right? So why am I paying him $5,000 to write a page.

It’s very simple.

Because that page is designed to sell a product and I’m looking to get five, 10, 20 times return of what I’m investing and spending with this copywriter.

return on investment (ROI)

See, I’m looking for return on investment, ROI; Make Money as a Copywriter.

I’m not looking at how many words he wrote, right?

I’m using this piece of writing to produce revenue and that’s the difference.

When you could do that, then companies are willing to pay you a premium price because you are not now comparing apple with apple.

They’re not looking at how many words do you write, how many pages did you write.

They’re looking at is this piece of writing gonna bring me leads and customers?

Now when I was getting started, I did it kinda the hard way.

Let me share the story with you.

So I was cold calling Yellow Pages, I know, you don’t what Yellow Pages are, for most who are watching this.

Those thick yellow books!

That used to have all the phone numbers and businesses.

Then I would call these businesses and try to get business from them. “So hey dude, are you looking for a copywriter?”

“Can I write the ads for you?”

And I was building a little portfolio, I would go to a networking, business networking, functions and meetings where business owners hang out and I would hang out business cards and try to hang out there and get some business and some would hire me and some wouldn’t ’cause I was a young guy.

I spoke with an accent like who is this guy.

So it was very very difficult. Also I was, do a lot of what I call work on spec.

It’s like building a house on spec.

Meaning I would write something, and I don’t get paid upfront, only if whatever I wrote makes money, then I would get paid a certain amount of dollars.

Some of those deals paid off, some of those deals didn’t pay off. I didn’t get paid.

So I did it for a long time, kinda the hard way, right?

Almost like a good eight months, nine months and didn’t really work.

But there’s an easier way and that’s to shadow a master copywriter. Shadow someone who already has the credibility.

Shadow someone who already getting clients, who has the track record.

See, in the beginning when you’re a complete beginner, guess what you’re lacking the most?

Credibility and track record and the best way to get a track record is not to build a track record, it’s to borrow someone’s track record.

here’s how it works.

When you shadow a master copywriter, that copywriter has a name, has the credibility, or has the influence in the marketplace.

He or she is getting clients coming in all the time and they charge a certain price.

What you wanna do is you wanna kinda work as a junior and you will get what I call spill over clients.

Okay, write it down, spill over clients.

So let’s say the copywriter’s hypothetically charging $5,000 for a campaign.

So you would come in and you say “You know what?

How many people couldn’t afford the $5,000?”

Most people would not be able afford the 5,000, right?

The master copywriter gets a lot of applicants and a lot of opportunities.

What happens to those opportunities?

Now you can be right there to take advantage of those opportunities and say, hey maybe you cannot afford my $5,000 but here is an apprentice that I have, he’s a mentee that I have, that I’ve trained, right. He charges $2,000.

Now, he’s not as good as me but like I’m 10 out of 10, he’s like eight out of 10, seven out of 10, but lower cost, at $2,000. Now, a lot of those clients will be like well you know what, I can’t afford the $5,000 but definitely I need some help.

I’m more than happy to pay the $2,000. When that happens, so let’s say you get $2,000 for writing something, right.

Same project.

Then what you do is you take $500, you just pay it to whoever is mentoring you, right? Your instructor, your Sifu, right?

Just pay that person. You are pocketing $1,500 and you don’t need to wait. You just, you build an instant track record and you’re making money earning while you learn.

Versus how are you gonna build credibility if you’re not getting clients and you’re not doing work.

The only way to get good is by doing something.

But in the beginning, it’s like oh I can’t get gigs because I don’t have enough experience.

Oh but how am I gonna get experience if I’m not getting gigs?

This way, you will be getting gigs and earning as you go.

And if you have a few of these spill over clients, now you’re getting going, you’re rocking and rolling and it doesn’t take a lot of clients.

In some cases, one or two to make $5,000 a month as a writer.

That to me is the fastest way and that’s what I did, right? I shadowed under my mentor, Alan, right?

Who taught me copywriting.

In the beginning, I wasn’t smart enough.

I thought I would go there and try to get clients and do all these things and I did lots of things to get clients.

But this is the fastest way when someone talks to my mentor, when they can’t afford him, I just catch right all the spill over clients and I’ve got a little career going and I would get those referrals.

And that’s how it works.

If you want to learn more about how to do this type of writing, High

Income Copywriting.

If you want to become a High Income Copywriter, click the link below and join my introductory class.

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