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21 Ways to Make Money Online with Social Media in 2020

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So one of the most powerful things about making money online is freedom, the ability to work from where you want, when you want, and really build a business around your lifestyle.

So in this article I’m gonna share 21 savage ways to make money online with social media this year, coming up.

1. branded content creation.

What’s that?

Well, I think a lot of people understand that you wanna have an aesthetic. You wanna have a recognizable brand, but not everyone knows how to create that.

So, one thing you can offer is, if you know how to do that, how to create a page that’s got this beautiful aesthetic, you can offer your services to those who really need it, even reaching out to huge influencers who, they just don’t have the time nor the skill to do that.

I love that, and as we also talk about the practicality of this, you could set up a website, people could PayPal you to get started, you could put your services on something like Upwork to do that.

That’s right, that’s right. Yeah, and just even reaching out to them in their DMs, you don’t have to set up anything fancy, just go for it.

And just say, I could help, here’s my portfolio. – Yes! – Let’s start, so that brings us to tip

2. Viral content repurposing.

What’s that?

Yeah, especially for guys on Instagram, a lot of men have found that it just doesn’t work the same for them, they can’t post photos and selfies, and get the same kind of interaction that the gals can get.

So one thing that’s really working well, and taking off, especially on Instagram, is the repurposing of viral videos. Just square it, but finding them could take a long time.

So a lot of influencers are willing to pay someone to find this content for them. It’s funny content, motivational, inspirational.

Just stuff that goes viral, and then posting it, obviously by giving credit to its original creator, but to do that, and offer that service to others is just a great way to make money.

3. managing someone else’s account.

You know, once you understand how to do that, the average person doesn’t wanna spend all night and all day on their phone.

Reach out to those people who’ve got a following that’s bigger than yours, that’s 10,000, 5,000, 500,000 followers, and offer your services, where you’re responding to their DMs, you’re posting or scheduling their content for them, and maybe even helping them to develop a content calendar.

And you know, as this industry grows, there are so many people that need everything you’re talking about.

4. create feature accounts.

Yeah, so feature accounts are, it’s content that’s very specific to a particular niche or target.

So it might be a great account that gives ideas for gluten-free meals, or maybe it’s an account that offers beautiful floral arrangements, or interior design that’s all-white interior design.

Things like this, where those accounts grow so fast.

Once you create those accounts, you quickly, I mean, you’ll grow so fast, and then you can start doing swipe-ups, and that’s when you can start adding in all these other pieces that make you money on social.

5. being a community manager.

Yeah, so community manager is someone who, if you’ve got, like for example, a Facebook group, that’s social media.

If you’ve got, for example, I personally have a group of people who listen to my podcast, and they are a group, that takes a lot of time to manage that, but to hire someone to do that for you is such a godsend, and people are willing to pay for that today.

I mean, I love that, and what’s cool about these tips is, these are ways to make money on social media that give you freedom, ’cause you could manage someone’s Facebook community from anywhere.

Now you have kind of a flexibility on your own terms, and same thing is true for

6. being a pod manager.

What’s that?

Yeah, pod manager’s a great way to make money too.

So you get a group of people that you are basically having them, organizing them, to when you post. We’re gonna go to your Instagram page, we’re all gonna like it within the first, you know, couple of minutes.

We’re all gonna leave a genuine, real comment. It’s real people, they’re not bots, but if I organize that, that is something you’re gonna be willing to pay for.

If you’re getting real comments from real followers, the right kind of followers, you would pay for that.

All I would have to do is organize it. ‘Cause it’ll growth hack my posts.

That’s right. – It’ll trigger the algorithm, and so I can invest a little bit of money, instead of paying for ads, I can pay for someone who’s gathered that pod.

7. affiliate sales.

So you know, this is one that I think you have to be careful.

Right, I see a lot of people who, they’ve got a decent amount of followers, so they’re willing to promote anything for a paycheck, and I think you’ve gotta be careful, because it’s your word, it’s your integrity.

But it’s a great way to start using your social media, it’s what social media influencers, and social media, you know, people who are using affiliate sales in that way, they’re recommending products and programs, but there’s so many ways that you can do that, that are authentic. It’s really things that you use.

Yeah, and that’s one of our favorite ways, especially for starting, that we started with a lot of affiliate marketing, ’cause it was a line with talking about cameras and tech, and things like that, here on Think Media.

8. offering Skype consultations.

Right. I think so many people feel like, in order to make money in social media, I need a website, I need to know how to code, I need all these fancy things, you really don’t.

Just put a link or how people can get in touch with you to do a Skype consultation, to share whatever knowledge it is you’ve got.

Like, maybe it’s how you made your presets, or your DIY for the decor that you post on your page, or how it is you create your thumbnails.

Whatever it is, all you have to do is give people a way to reach out to you, and then, with a simple service like Acuity, you can actually charge for the consultation, and receive payment for that, before you even get on the call with that person.

9. YouTube channel audit / an IG page audit.

Yeah, so if you wanna set up a very simple Shopify page, you can offer some of your services almost like a menu.

Like, for a YouTube audit, or an Instagram page audit, or a Pinterest audit, where you’re telling people, people will pay for that, ’cause they don’t know what they’re doing wrong, and they’re willing to pay for that.

Especially if you can give them a menu, a list of services, things you can do for them. Maybe it’s editing videos, or creating thumbnails, or going through their descriptions and improving them for people, that’s a value.

I just love this advice, because you know, here at Think Media, so many people, you’re already editing videos, you’re already taking photos, and you’re trying to monetize that off ads and other things, but in the meantime, be doing done for you services to help other people that need help with that, and there’s so many things that you could do.

A lot of people don’t know about their analytics, they don’t know about Instagram analytics.

So just to give somebody a report that can get them results, man, I love that.

10. video editing, transcripts, and titles and descriptions.

Yeah, so it’s looking at some of your favorite creators, and if you know how to do these things, and you’re looking for a way to supplement your income and stay in this niche that you love. which is social media.

I mean, you can go to other channels, other creators, other accounts, and say, listen, I’ll go through all of your old videos, and we can add subtitles. Or, I can provide for you a link and have every one of your videos for you transcribed.

That is such an incredible value to people who, they just don’t have the time. They know they need to do it, and they’re willing to pay for that, they just, by you reaching out and saying that I can do this for you, and here’s what it would cost, it’s just a simple way for you to make additional income in social media. –

11. Linktree for IG.

What’s that?

Yeah, so because on Instagram, it’s almost impossible, well, you can’t post a link right now in your comments, so you have to send people back to your bio.

So one really common way to use more than one link, ’cause think about it, sometimes you’re linking to your website, sometimes it’s to an affiliate, sometimes it’s to a YouTube video.

So you can provide for people a customized approach to create a Linktree for them.

Again, you’re just, you’re saving the average entrepreneur time and money by offering the service to them, and in the process, making a little extra cash on the side.

And these tips would definitely stack, Chalene, as your skills evolve, right, because now, you might be able to even coach somebody or help somebody in that Linktree get information back to their website, but also promote an affiliate offer, or find another way to monetize.

So when you really master this stuff, it can really stack, and create a snowball of income.

12. review products for a fee.

For example, this isn’t, you might find that there’s a company out there that doesn’t have an affiliate program. But you love their product, or you love their service.

You can simply send them an email and say, listen, I love this, I’ve got an account with x number of followers. What I’d love to do is an unboxing. I’d love to share with people how this has helped me.

And you would be surprised how many companies, they don’t even know this is a possibility.

They don’t even realize that social media can be used by word of mouth to encourage people to look into their products.

So you know, don’t be afraid to be your own salesperson, and let people know that you can do this for them.

And let’s just get back into the tips! Love that, and then also not affiliate marketing would be doing a paid sponsorship,

13. Instagram Marketing.

So let’s say you’ve got a decent amount of followers.

Whatever, it doesn’t have to be a large amount. If it’s an engaged audience, and it relates to my target audience, I would be willing to pay you to talk about whatever it is. Whether that’s a product I offer, or a service I offer.

Maybe not an affiliate, meaning you don’t get a commission, or percentage of each sale, but a flat rate. Just, you know, here’s what I’m gonna pay you to talk about whatever it is that I offer that I believe relates to your target audience.

Now, you might have to, you know, reach out to people and suggest this relationship, they’re not gonna come to you, but don’t be afraid to do that.

That’s very strong, and we actually, were talking about some statistics here on Think Media recently, that micro-influencers are the new influencers.

Heck, yeah!

And they were talking about accounts with 30,000 or less followers, because they have highly engaged audiences. – Highly engaged audiences.

I ran into an account the other day, she had like 8,000 followers, which is decent on Instagram, but she was getting more likes and more comments than accounts that have over half a million.

And it just says, some of the newer people, they’ve got newer followers, and they’re very engaged.

14. Promote or build a network marketing biz.

Yeah, so I love network marketing, if it’s a product and or service that you really use, and you really love.

Right, like don’t get into network marketing just to make money, but if it’s something you already use and love, social media is a great way to build that business, because most network marketing, the way of the past was that it was a belly to belly business, where you’ve gotta, like, meet someone at the coffee shop and say, like, hey, can I show you my lotion?

But now, in social media, you can have a beauty channel, and that beauty channel, you’re doing tutorials, but if they click the link, they’re gonna learn more about the product that you are a network marketing representative of.

15. promote your own product.

Yeah! I mean, absolutely, and you don’t have to sell, but if you, like, for example, last night, I have a journal, a push journal, it’s called the Push Journal.

And I’m not selling it, but I’m showing you how I use my journal every day, to keep me organized, to keep me focused and on track. It’s like time management, it’s Chalene management.

And just by showing people, like, how I organize my day. I didn’t even say, here’s how you buy it, I’m just showing people how I use it, everyone reaches out, and they’re like, okay, where can I get that, where can I get that?

So don’t be afraid to show and showcase what it is you use, even if it’s your service and your product, and just by sharing that, it’s going to drive curiosity and sales without you having to sell.

And so many people on social media are creating their own merch now, they’re writing books, they’re creating courses.

Some people were creating physical products, and working with overseas and drop-shipping.

There’s a lot of different products you could promote, which is a great way to use your influence on social media to make more money, which brings us to

16. market your services.

Yeah, whatever your services are, I mean, this is the place to do it. And you feel like perhaps, like gosh, don’t people who follow me already know that I do this?

No, very few people are gonna read your bio, and those who do, I see so many people who don’t tell you how to get ahold of you.

Like, how can I reach out to you?

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve tried to find on YouTube, and there’s no email address, there’s no website, I can’t find you, I wanna work with you and I can’t.

So don’t be afraid to let people know what it is you do, ’cause not all of your videos relate to that product or service, and make it easy for people to reach out to you.

And, man, just, we go to events together, and your event, and I talk to so many people, whether they could be real estate agents, or they’re doctors, or they’re health professionals or fitness professionals, and sometimes, though, they really haven’t dialed in marketing their own services, so I love that.

Like, connect yourself to whatever it is you do, and leverage social media to market that, which brings us to… – You just made me think of when I talked to a doctor at the last conference who said,

“You know, I have no idea about tech, “but I do have a decent sized Instagram following.. “I started mentioning on my Instagram “that I could do Skype consultations, therapy.”

And she was like, “My calendar is full now, “and I didn’t have to set up a website, “just use Acuity, like a scheduling software.”

And there’s a whole bunch of ’em out there. You’ll probably link to them below. And those are a great way to low-tech offer your services, but you gotta tell people about it.

17. offer paid consultations for your knowledge.

Same thing, you know, it’s right along those lines. But you don’t, I think so many people think, well, I’ve gotta be the be-all, end-all, ultimate expert if I’m gonna market myself.

Not true, if you’ve done it, whatever it is, you’ve figured out curriculum to homeschool your kids, or you’ve figured out a way to organize your garage in one weekend, people are willing to pay for something that’s gonna get them the result quicker.

So if you’ve done it, don’t feel like, oh, but people offer YouTube videos teaching us how to do this, or that content’s out there.

No, they want it from you.

They want it the way you delivered it, and you’ll save them time, so offer those consultations in terms of a Skype consultation, or you could do a phone consultation, there’s a million ways you can do it. –

18. selling presets.

Yeah, this is really popular. So you know when you go on Instagram, you just look at someone’s Instagram feed, and you’re like, this is beautiful, it just makes you immediately wanna follow them.

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve been like, how are they getting this look to all of their photos?

Well, many of those people now sell presets, so it’s just a preset that you can use, and all of your photos will be immediately filtered.

You can just plug in the preset, and then everything kinda has the same aesthetic, and it can really transform the way your page looks.

I’m so glad you brought this tip up, because Omar on the Think Media team does all of our photography, and so he’s the reason my Instagram looks amazing, and all the clients he works for in his own stuff, and so he put his presets out, and he’s got YouTube, and he’s linking to those, and now that he’s got everything set up, he’s generating between 600 to 1200 dollars a month by just having that content out there, and having something for sale, and it’s just proof that that’s another way to make money.

So, just such encouraging tips, and my mind’s already exploding, we’re not even through them all yet.

19. market your channel like a TV station.

What’s that mean?

So again, if you’ve got the type of, you know, person who’s following you, whether that’s on YouTube, or Instagram, or Pinterest, and this is a very targeted follower.

We happen to have quite a few feature accounts, so one of them is just geared towards people who are looking for inspiration, motivation.

One is just geared towards people who are looking for recipes.

One is geared towards people who are looking for fitness ideas.

So rather than using affiliate marketing, or even paid sponsorship, in I think kind of the traditional sense, we can go to companies and say, listen, we see that you’ve got this amazing new fitness product, what if we work out a deal where they’re doing, we’re featuring maybe five or six posts over the course of a month, and they’re paying just like an advertisement.

You know, just like a TV station would run advertisements, it’s the same thing, as long as it’s serving your community, and it fits with what your tribe is looking for, it’s a great way to use your social media to make extra income.

You know, Phil DeFranco on YouTube, one of the known news YouTubers, really has that. He created a show, and he started from scratch, you know, on a webcam, years ago, and now he’s one of the most influential people.

But because he has this show, he always has spots for different sponsors. He calls it, like, Today In Awesome, and it’s always that segment that is brought to you by something.

Sometimes it’s his own product, sometimes it’s other people’s products, and he’s really kind of bringing that traditional into the new school social media world.

20. ads.

Yeah, well, ads is, you know. You’ve gotta have a certain amount of followers, and I think probably YouTube is what most people are familiar with, right, like getting that, you’re getting paid for views.

And that’s one way to look at things, and it’s one way to make money in social media, but it’s tough, and it’s always gonna change, right?

I mean, ’cause once people start making a lot of money, then the platforms are like, “Hmm, “how can we get some of that money back?” Right, and they’re always taking those ad dollars back.

But there are other ways to do this. Whether, if you’re a podcaster, it’s actually finding a company, like there are websites, and we can link to those too.

Where you basically just put in the number of downloads you’re getting per episode, and it will roll out for you companies that are willing to buy space from you, if you’ve got the right demographic.

And in addition to that, you know, there are also agents out there who are willing to find you companies that are the right fit for your audience. – Yeah, and now we’re gonna get to the

21. Grow With Video.

Chalene was one of the main speakers there, and you actually broke down the why, that all of this stuff’s amazing, and making money on social media’s amazing, but you need to build a real business first.

And you went through step by step, I think there was like 14 steps, and so if you wanna check out that free training, it’s at, or we’ll link it up in the description below, but definitely check that out, if you wanna know how to build, like, a real business around your social media, and grow it faster than ever before.

But Chalene, tip 21 is what?

Build your email list. The tips leading up to this one are really important, but I have to preface it by saying, they’re quick hits.

Right, and are they gonna pay the mortgage long-term? Probably not.

You know, it’s a great way to get started, it’s a great way to start making some income, but the bottom line is, I personally believe it’s irresponsible for you to rely on these things, because they can all go away. I mean, if social media goes away, your income goes away.

That doesn’t feel too safe. I suggest that anyone who I’m giving advice to, anyone who I’m mentoring, you’d better start by building your foundation.

And that foundation means, understanding what you need to do to help build an email list, ’cause that’s not going away. That’s yours, you own that. You don’t own YouTube, or Instagram, or Pinterest or Facebook, all that can go away, and it does!

You know, they can lose popularity, or your account can be frozen, so the true passive income, and the true security comes, when you’re building an email list.

That’s how you see authors who are able to create. New York Times bestselling authors, you know, hit that list without having to spend a lot of money on advertising. It’s how you create the lifestyle that you have.

You know, it’s truly, and not having to hustle every day on social media, and be a slave to, like, did I get enough likes, am I getting more followers.


Everything that we’ve listed today is really dependent upon social media, except for that last tip, and that, in my mind, we saved the best for last.

I agree, and if you’re building on social media, you are building on rented land, or leased land.

But your email list is something that you can own, and no matter what happens with algorithms, which change all the time, no matter what’s working, you can always communicate with your tribe.

And there’s a lot of advanced stuff that you can teach. When you have an email list these days, with paid traffic and retargeting, and actually, you go into some of that deeper stuff.

Michael Diasz Kirindage

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